use hopeless in a sentence | hopeless sentence examples

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Hopeless dictionary definition | hopeless defined

hopeless in a sentence - Use "hopeless" in a sentence 1. And for individuals, the quest can be all but hopeless. 2. I wouldn't write it off as a hopeless task. click for more sentences of hopeless...

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How to use hopeless in a sentence. Example sentences with the word hopeless. hopeless example sentences.

How to use "hopeless" in a sentence - WordHippo

Examples of Helpless in a sentence. The helpless deer was to feeble to escape the hunter as it was being tracked through the woods. 🔊 Because he didn’t know the answers on the test, the helpless student felt powerless. 🔊 Helpless and alone, the infant cried until her mother came to feed her. 🔊

How to use "hopeless at" in a sentence - WordHippo

How to use Hopeless in a Sentence? 1. Some landlords know how hopeless it is to attempt to prevail against these sons of our epoch. 🔊 2. A roar went up from the camp-follower audience at the hopeless tangle which ensued. 🔊 3. The axles were in a hopeless state, …

Shameless dictionary definition | shameless defined

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What is a sentence for the word hopeless - Answers

How to use hopeless in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word hopeless? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. I feel hopeless now and I don't want my life ruined just because I have not enough cash. We saw people jump out of windows in …

Use hopeless in a sentence | hopeless sentence examples

Hopeless. Hopeless is a 8 letter word, used as a article or as a adjective satellite, grade 7, a compound word, and has the letters eehlopss (ehlops). Starts with h, …

Use hopelessness in a sentence | hopelessness definition

Hopeless definition is - having no expectation of good or success : despairing. How to use hopeless in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of hopeless.

Hopeless in a sentence | Short example sentence for hopeless

50 sentence examples: 1. People sometimes die of treatable conditions. 2. Certain forms of cancer are treatable with drugs. 3. This is a treatable condition. 4. However, psychological causes are seen as treatable, whereas biological causes mark the i

Hopeless definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Helpless until the trees finished flinging them around, Katie struggled to grab the branches, so she didn't end up like Deidre. Finally, a branch wrapped around her and pulled her through the canopy, dumping her at the edge of the jungle. Toby landed with a grunt beside her, and she lay still to catch her breath, still hoping Deidre reappeared.

Helpless: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE

 · can someone give me a sentence with the word hopelessness in it? please! Answer Save. 11 Answers. Relevance ~Amber~ Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. this sentence is an act of hopelessness. 0 0 1. Login to reply the answers Post; hiser. Lv 4. 3 years ago. Use Hopeless In A Sentence.

What is hopeless in a sentence - Answers

Example sentences for: hopeless How can you use “hopeless” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Teachers in Paris told him he was hopeless.. 3.5 . . .

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Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adverbs: " The furnace was fully serviced last year. (fully, properly, completely) " We regularly service our car every six months. (regularly, properly) Used with verbs: " You should continue to service your car in the future. (continue, remember) Used with nouns: " People should service their engines often.

Housewife Sentence Examples | Use Housewife in a sentence

hopeless definition: The definition of hopeless is a desperate or very sad person or thing, or something that is impossible to solve. (adjective) An example of hopeless is a person about to commit suicide. An example of hopeless is someone trying to ...

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1. How to use hopeless in a sentence. Example sentences with the word hopeless.hopeless example sentences.: 2. 171+17 sentence examples: 1. I tell you hopeless grief is passionless. 2. He gave way to hopeless grief as soon as he heard the bad message. 3. He felt that his life was a hopeless mess. 4.

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Examples of hopeless in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: The situation could thus appear hopeless; but, as we shall see below, this…

hopeless in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge ... English words and Examples of Usage use "high-school " in a sentence This program is designed to forge new links between businesses in town, and our local high school population, for the purpose of providing work experience for young people.

What does hopeless mean? - definitions

Desperate definition is - having lost hope. How to use desperate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of desperate.

Hopeless in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote ...

hopeless in Chinese : :无希望的…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.

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In today's lesson, you'll learn 10 English phrases for extreme emotion - I guarantee you'll learn something new, whether you're beginner, intermediate, or advanced!

Acclamation Sentence Examples | Use Acclamation in a …

Acclamation sentence examples:1.the motion was carried by first it looked like i was going to win by Acclamation.3.we must not always judge of the generality of the opinion by the noise of the Acclamation.4.this is the applause and Acclamation that i want.5.a born singer ben heppner the soprano begins to

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"Time" Take your time. It's about time. What time is it? Have a good time. Have a nice time. I need more time. I'm killing time. I had a good time. I had a hard time. It's time for bed. He arrived in time. It's time to get up. Time is running out. We had a rough time. We have enough time. What time is dinner? It's time for dinner. Tom is never on time. I'm busy all the time.

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Housewife sentence examples:1.she seemed less like a poetess than a distracted mother is a Housewife.3.i have too many fantasies to be a Housewife. i guess i am a mother is a Housewife, take care of me every day.5.the cleverest Housewife can't cook a meal without rice.6.many women chose to


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