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Learn management practices from a management legend

Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today, we’ll be unlocking the book “The Essential Drucker”.

In the long course of human history, the rapid rise and extensive influence of management are beyond the scope of many other systems. In less than 150 years, management has profoundly changed the economic and social organization of developed countries. Although new management problems continue to arise, Drucker’s basic principles still apply when it comes to finding solutions. As such, whether you are new to management or an experienced manager, if you have limited time and can only read one book of management, “The Essential Drucker” couldn’t be a better choice.

The author of the book is Peter Drucker, known as “the father of modern management”. His ideas have been adopted in over 130 countries, influencing countless people. He was the first to conduct a scientific and systematic study of management as a discipline, thus pioneering management studies. His management theories bridged the industrial age to the knowledge age. His works have left a profound impact on the development of sociology and economics. Many entrepreneurs, such as Andy Grove, president of Intel, and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, were deeply influenced by his theories.

Drucker wrote 39 books during his lifetime, 15 of which are related to management. He has written monthly management column articles in The Wall Street Journal for 20 consecutive years. “The Essential Drucker” was written and compiled from Drucker’s nearly 60 years of management experience and works, which is of great help for us to understand the essence of Drucker’s thought on management.

In today’s Bookey, we will spend approximately 30 minutes going through this book in three parts:

Part one: How to properly manage companies

Part two: Becoming an effective executive

Part three: The challenges ahead

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