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Better your understanding of children’s development and behaviour

Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today we will unlock the book ‘The Secret of Childhood’.

Before we get into this book, we must ask whether you have ever heard of the “Montessori Method”? Most people are not strangers to this method of education. But what exactly is The Montessori Method? Is it providing children with dazzling toys and training aids? Or, are they encouraged to take part in intellectual games and play freely?

The Montessori Method is an educational method developed by an Italian educator named, Montessori. Montessori is the author of today’s book ‘The Secret of Childhood’. She was Italy's most famous thinker and reformer of early childhood education in the 20th century, as well as Italy’s first female Doctor of Medicine.

After receiving a doctorate in medicine from the University of Rome at the age of 26, she immediately began to work as an assistant at the University of Rome psychiatric clinic. While diagnosing and treating children with physical and mental impairments, she gradually developed an interest in the research of mentally disabled children. From 1907 to 1908, Montessori founded three “Children’s Houses” in the slums of Rome. Through her unique method, she turned these poor children, ragged and introverted, into bright, optimistic, and well-mannered teenagers.

Through her years of practicing teaching, Montessori published books such as ‘Montessori Method’, ‘Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook’, ‘The Secret of Childhood’, and ‘The Discovery of the Child’. The teaching method she proposed set off the “Montessori Movement” in various countries around the world, causing a revolution in the field of early childhood education. Some German educators commented that “in the history of education, it is rare to find anything as globally popular as the “Montessori Method of Education”.

‘The Secret of Childhood’, written by Montessori, combined her years of teaching experience with the results of psychological experiments she carried out in the Children’s Houses. In the book, she analyzed the psychological characteristics and growth patterns of children, as well as explained her principles and methods behind early childhood education. In this Bookey, we will introduce you to Montessori’s secrets of child development through the following three parts:

Part one: Characteristics of children’s psychological development

Part two: The harm caused to children by incorrect education methods

Part three: How to better educate children

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